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Contact Person: Paul Zhao

Client: Cooper Mine in Chile(the world largest cooper mine)

Location: Chile;
Date of Installation: March 2011;
Product: 250x3200 F-HAD slurry pump equipped with 200kW WEG Motor.
Flow rate= 500m3/h; Head= 63m, Rotating speed=825rpm, Operating efficiency=75%, Motor power=132kW;
Materials: rubber lining and metal impellers;
Sealing method: mechanical seal together with API52 seal flush plan;
Impellers: high-efficiency impellers(maximum: 81%);(no spare blades are provided)
Service life: the pump could serve for over half year with no replacement of flow passage components.

Client: Cooper Mine in Chile

Location: Chile;
Product Model: TDC150/250&TCD150/315;
Product Type: API610 VS5 Pump;
Materials for flow passage components: SS316L;
Media: leach liquor.

Client: Cooper Mine in Philippines

Location: Chile;
Date of Installation: Oct. 2010;
Product Type: 200/150E-HAD slurry pump;
Project Description:
These slurry pumps we provided operate quite smoothly in the conveyance of gangue. In Oct. 2011, when we were going to replace some components according to our client’s requirement, we just came to find that the rubber sleeve and impellers were still in good conditions. Surprised by this fact, our client immediately gave up the replacement plan and asked us to move the pump directly to their second feeding machine.(The pictures was taken during the reinstallation.)

Client: Cooper Mine in Philippines

Location: Philippines;
Date of Installation: November 21, 2008;
Date of abandonment: Sep.21th, 2009;
Model: 350x300ST-HAD slurry pump (A09);
Product Type: 12-inch Pump geared to mining;
Intended use: feeding of materials;
Conveying capacity: 70039.5 ton;
Duration of running: 3294.6 hours;

Client: Nickel Mine in Cuba

Location: Cuba;
Product type: API610 OH2 Pump;
Materials for Impellers: Titanium C3;
Materials for pump cover: HastelloyC276;
Applicable media: highly corrosive or acid media (temp. 150 C);
Service life: Compare with other counterparts, this OH2 pump we provided to this client enjoys much longer service life. It operated well over two moths after installation.