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Slurry Valve

    1. Knife Gate Valve (Rising Stem Type)

      As a reliable supplier of pumping equipment, DAMEI has provided to customers rich types of reliable pumps. To ensure smooth and continuous operation of each pump, we provide various quality pump parts to customers. This knife gate valve with rising stem is a most common used pump accessory and there are rich subtypes available for users.

    1. Knife Gate Valve (Non-Rising Stem Type)This manual knife gate valve is a newly developed gate valve that enjoys reliable performance, smaller size and light weight. It is an ideal device for the conveyance of sewage, coal slurry, syrup, slag slurry, mud, air and water and has been widely used in the water supply, paper and pulp making and mining industries.
    1. Slide Gate ValveThe slide gate valve we provide to you is a key control device to control the flow rate or convey capacity of pumps when they are handling powder, grain materials, granule and material of small particles (DN ≤ 50mm). It has been applied in flow rate control of a wide range

As for the slurry valve, the on-off device is the very shuttering board which could stop the flow for its movement direction is perpendicular to that of the fluid. This slurry valve is usually applied in control of fluid flow in the paper and pulp making, coal chemical and food processing industries as well as other areas. As a reliable supplier of pumping units and pump parts, our company provides rich types of quality slurry control valves to you, ensuring smooth operation of your equipment.