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Knife Gate Valve (Non-Rising Stem Type)

    1. DMZ73 Manual Knife Gate ValveThis manual knife gate valve is a newly developed gate valve that enjoys reliable performance, smaller size and light weight. It is an ideal device for the conveyance of sewage, coal slurry, syrup, slag slurry, mud
    1. DMZ273 Electrohydraulic Knife Gate ValveThis electric and hydraulic knife gate valve is a control device that is open/closed by push-pull operations driven by electro-hydraulic device. It could be used for distant control of devices operating in dangerous working conditions. Given this, this sluice valve has been used in the metallurgical, coal processing, mining, water conservation and other industries.
    1. WPZ673 Pneumatic Knife Gate ValveThis pneumatic butt-clamp knife gate valve is a reliable regulating device that is open/closed through the solenoid valve, proximity switch and other devices. It could also operate automatically. The valve body is made of cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel.
    1. SCZ573F Bevel Gear Drive Flap ValveThis bevel gear drive knife gate valve provided by our company is quality regulating device that enjoys a shorter valve body and light weight. The sealing face of its valve seat, free from the erosion caused by the media and quite tight-fitting, bears uniform pressure and could sweep
    1. SCZ673F Pneumatic Flap ValveAccessories for this pneumatic knife gate valve include the mounting flange, solenoid valve, air filter and travel switch.
    1. DMZ673 Pneumatic Knife Gate ValveThis pneumatic knife gate valve with non-rising stem is an automation control instrument that consists of several pneumatic components and a valve body. Usually, it is used in working conditions where swift opening/closing is required.
    1. PZ973 Electric Knife Gate ValveThis electric knife gate valve with non-rising stem is a reliable regulating device equipped with a multi-turn valve actuator in its driving part which could perfectly control the opening/closing of the valve. It could be controlled in distance. Moreover, this electric gate valve could be operated both automatically and manually.
    1. DMZ73 Manual Flanged Knife Gate ValveThis manual butt-clamp knife gate valve with non-rising stem is a newly designed sluice valve geared to the sewage treatment industry. Of a laconic structure and light weight, this valve is free from height change at all time.
    1. DK43 Flanged Long Knife Gate ValveThis knife gate valve is usually used in the petrochemical, food processing, paper and pulp making and industries, environment protection and cement production industries and so on.
    1. Z673X/F Long Stem Flat Gate ValveThe most distinct feature of this long stem flat gate valve lies in that it could avoid slug accumulation in its valve chamber. Given this fact, it is quite suitable to be used in the conveyance of dusts, grains and other similar materials.
    1. Z73X Pneumatic Slurry ValveThis pneumatic slurry valve enjoys a scientific design, laconic structure and great rigidity. Its valve passage is smooth and the flow resistance coefficient is small. In general, this pneumatic slurry valve, well sealed is quite easy and safe to operate.

In order to meet our customers’ different needs for pump parts, we have manufactured rich types of pump valves among which this knife gate valve with non-rising stem is a quite reliable pump accessory for users.