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PZ973 Electric Knife Gate Valve(Double Clip Type)

This electric butt-clamp knife gate valve is a reliable regulating device equipped with a multi-turn valve actuator in its driving part which could perfectly control the opening/closing of the valve. It could be controlled in distance. Moreover, this electric gate valve could be operated both automatically and manually. (The automatic operation is based on the cooperation with computers.) Given its reliable performance and unique properties, it has been widely used in the drainage, heating, power generation, chemical production, food processing, paper and pulp making, pharmaceutical production, mining and other projects, meeting the modern industries’ requirements for automatic operation.

Features of Electric Butt-Clamp Knife Gate Valve
Equipped with explosion-proof devices, this electric flow control valve could operate smoothly in harsh working conditions where there are combustible, explosive or noxious gases. Its annual operation device allows users to open/close the valve manually once the power supply gets interrupted, effectively controlling the media and avoiding accident.

Technical Specifications of Electric Butt-Clamp Knife Gate Valve
Power supply AC380V/51Hz
Standard unit The standard unit of this model is equipped with protection shell(Protection class IP65) which is dust-poof and water-proof. Therefore, this gate valve could be used outdoors.
Waterproof unit This water-proof unit is equipped with a quality protection shell(Protection class IP67) that is dust-proof and water-proof.
Explosion-proof unit (EX ) Explosion-proof grade: D II BT4/D II CT4(without any acetylene)
Ambient Temperature -20°C ~40°C
Optional part Electric controllers
DN (mm ) 50 65 80 100 125 150 200
Height (mm) 370 460 590 780 950 980 1055
DN (mm) 250 300 350 400 450 500 600
Height (mm) 1060 1230 1250 1767 1920 2010 2110
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