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Non-Clog Sewage Pump

Technical Specifications
Size : 1.5-20 inches
Flow rate: 2-5500 m3/h
Head: 5-100m
Temperature : 0-120 °C
Materials: Cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel 410, stainless steel 304

This KWP non-clog pump is a reliable centrifugal pumping unit for sewage conveyance that is designed based on the advanced technologies introduced from KSB Aktiengesellschaf-- one of the world's leading manufacturers of pumps, valves and systems for process engineering applications, building services, for water and waste water management, energy and mining sectors.

Of a horizontal structure, this single stage centrifugal pump adopts the axial suction. This scientific design enables users to dismantle the pump from its rear part without removing the suction and discharging pipes and bump casing, making the maintenance much easier and more convenient. The replacement of impellers and front fender could be conducted in a quicker way. Therefore, the pump could be adapted to a certain working condition swiftly.

In order to satisfy our customers’ different needs, we have designed this non-clog sewage pump with a wide range of specifications in terms of the outlet size-from 40mm to 500mm. As is designed, this pump usually deals with neutral liquids. If your pumping unit is meant to convey corrosive media, the anti-corrosion or anti-abrasion pumps could be nice choices for you.

Structural Features of KWP Non-clog Pump

1. Impellers
There are four types of impellers available for this non-clog centrifugal pump, namely:

K-shape impeller-closed type non-clogging impeller, suitable for conveyance of clean water, sewage and media containing solid grains but no sticky or prone-to-tangling materials like long fibers or colloidal particles.

N-shape impeller-closed type multi-blade impeller, suitable for conveyance of media containing slight suspended solids, such as clean water, pulp water, syrup, and sewage that has gone through mechanical treatment.

O-shape impeller-open type impeller, sharing the same application with N-shape impeller but also applicable to the conveyance of media containing gases.

F-shape impeller-free-flow impeller, suitable for conveyance of media containing gases, bulky solid materials, sticky or prone-to-tangling materials.

2. Shaft Seal
Packing seal-there are two types of packing seals available for users, namely the standard packing seal and high- temperature packing seal. The latter is suitable for conveyance of media hotter than 90°C. Its stuffing box is equipped with a cooling device filled with cooling water, helping the pump to work smoothly under high temperature.

Mechanical seal-this seal is quite suitable for working occasions where non-leakage of media is strictly required. Users could choose the single-faced/double faced mechanical seal according to the specific working occasions.

3. Drive
In most cases, this industrial centrifugal pump adopts the direct drive. Indirect drive such as belt-drive is also applicable to it. The drive ratio ranges from 1:1~1:2.

Application of KWP Non-clog Pump
This KWP non-clog pump has stood out from other counterparts for it enjoys high working efficiency and could effectively avoid clog. Given its excellent performance, this specialty pump is quite suitable to convey liquids whose values range from 6 to 8, such as clean water, all sorts of sewage water, seawater, bittern and even slurries. It has been applied in the urban water supply, sewage drainage and treatment, chemical production, steel production, paper and pulp making, sugar refining, mining and food processing and etc.

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