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Submersible Sewage Pump

Technical Specifications
Size : 1-30 inches
Flow rate: 25 -13860 m3/h
Head : 5-60m
Operating temp.: 0-60 °C
Materials : Cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel 410, stainless steel 304

This WQ submersible sewage pump our company provide is an optimized pumping unit that is designed based on the classic WQ pumps in the global market. Meanwhile, we have made full use of the hydraulic models and advanced designing software to optimize designs of its mechanical mechanism and protection device and so forth. It is also equipped with electric control cabinet. That is why this submersible sewage pump is highly credited for its safe and reliable performance, practicality and long service life.

Structural Features of WQ Submersible Sewage Pump
1. External Control System. This is WQ submersible sewage pump is equipped with an electric control cabinet which could process all signals within the pump, promoting the automatic operation and protection of the pump. If you are going to attach the pump with a self-prepared electric control cabinet, please inform our technicists and they will help you with the installation.

2. Specially designed handles. In order to make it easier for users to carry this pump, we have designed it with handles which, as a result, could protect the cables from being stretched and keep the seal intact. Moreover, as the pump’s cable is fixed onto the handles, users will hardly carry it by cables.

3. Quality impellers. This non-clog centrifugal pump is equipped with quality impellers which are highly matched with the pump casing. To be more specific, those impellers, precisely balanced, enjoy smooth passage, stable power curve, slight vibration, steady rotation and high efficiency.

4. Reliable motor. The motor this industrial submersible pump is a specially designed one. Strengthened by IPX8 protection and insulation devices of class P, this motor could endure high temperature and enjoys sound cooling performance. Therefore, its service life is extended.

5. Quality motor housing. This motor housing consists of motor base, bearing box and cover. All connections between every two parts are sealed by static seal. Each motor housing has gone through strict pressure testing to ensure good water tightness.

6. Cooling device for the motor. Heat generated by the motor is radiated though its housing. The motor could operate smoothly and safely as long as half of the housing is submerged in the media.

7. Shaft seal. The motor of this WQ submersible sewage pump adopts two or three mechanical seals that could ensure the motor to be water-proof. One shaft seal in the media could effectively prevent water from entering the oil cavity where the second one is mounted. And this second mechanical seal is meant to ensure no oil to enter the motor.

8. Oil cavity. As the first protective screen preventing media from entering the motor, this oil cavity, filled with proper mechanical oil, is attached with two mechanical seals. If the first mechanical seal fails to work, the second one will stop the media flowing into the motor. Moreover, as the friction surfaces of the two independent seals are lubricated and cooled, they could work in a more reliable way and help take away some heat generated by shafts and motors.

9. Bearings. The lower bearing pack, which could be constructed by two or three types of bearings of high loading capacity, is the reliable support for the water pump shaft. They could ensure the entire unit to operate smooth and enjoy longer service life.

10. Cables and seal.
1). Cables of this sewage pump is highly resistant to sewage. The cross section of the cable is designed according to the operation status of the motor at the temperature of 40°C and with full load power. If this sewage pump operates at 40 °C or with non-full load power, it could enjoy a longer service life.
2). The clearance between the rubber sleeve of the cable and the motor cover is sealed by sealing ring clamp nuts which could perfectly prevent media from entering the motor.
3). Between cable sleeve and cable core is stuffed with quality vulcanized rubber which could prevent media from entering the motor once the sleeve is ripped.

11. This WQ submersible sewage pump is equipped with protection devices (electric control cabinet).

12. Oil-water probe. This oil-water probe is mounted within the oil cavity to detect the sealing effect of the first mechanical seal and sends out alarming signals once the media enters the cavity.

13. Water probe. This probe is mounted inside the motor chamber to detect the sealing effect of second mechanical seal and sends out alarming signals and turn off the pump once oil enters the motor.

14. Thermo-sensitive elements. Those elements are installed in stator windings of the motor. When motor is overloaded for an excessively long time, temperature of the stator winding will reach a certain high figure. At this time, those elements will send out alarms and turn off the pump.

Advantages of WQ Submersible Sewage Pump
1. Equipped with double-channel impellers, two or three mechanical seals which could be cooled and lubricated properly, this wastewater pump enjoys excellent performance and is free from congestion.
2. Optimized shaft seal. Adopting tandem mechanical seal, the shaft seal of this submersible pumping unit is more reliable and enjoys longer service life.
3. Optimized structure. This optimized structure is benefiting for the mechanical seals, ensuring the pump to operate in a more reliable and stable way. The class F insulation helps the motor to have a longer service life.
4. Multiple protective devices for motor. The motor of this pump could be equipped with several reliable protective devices which help users to optimize their equipment.

Application of Submersible Sewage Pump

1. Operating Conditions
1). Power supply: 380V/ 50Hz/3PH;
2). About the media:
highly corrosive or abrasive media are not applicable to this pump. Moreover, media containing solid particles whose size exceeds the allowable scale are not applicable either; Temperature: 40°C, ph: 4-10, flow rate: <1200kg/m³, Volume ratio: <2%;
3). Lowest liquid level: see the installation sketch.

2. Application of Submersible Sewage Pump
This submersible centrifugal sewage pump could be used in the sewage drainage in residential areas, industrial production, municipal engineering, road construction and conveyance of Waste water and rain water that contains grains and long fibers.

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