Magnetic Drive Pump

    1. MZF Magnetic Drive Pump (Single Stage Pump)

      Size : DN25~DN200
      Flow rate : 1~900m3/h
      Head : ~200m
      Materials : Cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel alloys, titanium and titanium alloys
      This MZF magnetic drive pump provided by DAMEI is a reliable single-stage single-suction cantilever magnetic drive pump.

    1. MMC Magnetic Drive Pump (Multistage Pump)Size: DN20~DN40
      Flow rate : 5~200m3/h
      Head : 0~1200m
      This MMC magnetic drive pump we provide to you is a multi-stage single-suction cantilever magnetic drive pump.
    1. MCD Magnetic Drive Pump (Vertical Pump)Size : DN25~DN50
      Flow rate: 1~60m3/h
      Head : 100m
      This MCD magnetic drive pump is a single-stage single suction magnetic driven pump of a vertical structure.

The magnetic drive pump our company provides to you is a reliable centrifugal pumping equipment which consist of such seven main parts as the pump head, magnetic coupling, bearing bracket, bearing housing, sliding bearing and motor. Among these key components, the magnetic coupling is constructed by outside magnetic driving unit, inner rotor unit, non-magnetic distance sleeve. When the tip-magnetic driving device, driven by the motor, starts to rotate, the magnetic field could penetrate the air gap and nonmagnetic substance and drive the inner magnetic rotor units to rotate synchronously.

The impellers of this magnetic drive pump are mounted on the common shaft for the pump shaft and the inner rotor unit. The pump chamber and rotor unit are filled with media which also circulate within the rotor unit and the distance sleeve, taking away the heat caused by the magnetic eddy current and lubricating the bearings at the same time.

Since there is no mechanical seal within this mag drive pump and all parts that contact the media are sealed by the pump casing, cover and distance sleeve, this pump is perfectly free from leakage, quite safe and environment-friendly. Given this fact, this magnetic drive pump has been widely used in the industrial productions and projects.