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MCD Magnetic Drive Pump(Vertical Pump)

Size : DN25~DN50
Flow rate: 1~60m3/h
Head : 100m
Temp.: No higher than 120°C
Pressure : 2.5MPa
Power : 55kW
Materials: Cast iron, steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium and titanium alloys, etc.

As a reliable subtype of industrial centrifugal pump we provide to you, this MCD magnetic drive pump is a single-stage single suction magnetic driven pump of a vertical structure. Its coupling and sliding bearings could be cooled and lubricated by the circulating media within the pump. Thanks to its laconic structure and scientific design of suction opening and discharge opening which are mounted at the same level, this single-stage single suction centrifugal pump could perfectly avoid leakage. Heating jacket and cooling jacket could be applied according to the specific working conditions.

Application of MCD Magnetic Drive Pump
This vertical mag drive pump is suitable to convey corrosive, noxious, combustible, explosive or valuable media or media that easily get evaporated. It has been widely applied in the chemical, petrochemical, coal chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making and textile industrials, as well as water treatment plants and nuclear power plants.

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