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MMC Magnetic Drive Pump (Multistage Pump)

Size: DN20~DN40
Flow rate : 5~200m3/h
Head : 0~1200m
Temperature: No higher than 250°C
Pressure: 10.0MPa
Power: 0~315kW
Rotating speed : 1450/2900/min
Materials: Cast iron, steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium and titanium alloys, etc.

This MMC magnetic drive pump we provide to you is a multi-stage single-suction cantilever magnetic drive pump. Of a double-support structure, this multistage magnetic drive pump is deigned with a center line or stand bars. As it enjoys a sectional and radial split structure, this industrial centrifugal pump could satisfy customers’ requirements for high head and non-leakage.

Moreover, this cantilever pump adopts a circulation system which could cool and lubricate its magnetic coupling and sliding bearings. This inner circulation system of media could be applicable to various fluids including those easily get evaporated.

Application of MMC Magnetic Drive Pump
This mag drive pump is suitable to convey corrosive, noxious, combustible, explosive or valuable media or media that easily get evaporated.

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