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MZF Magnetic Drive Pump (Single Stage Pump)

Size : DN25~DN200
Flow rate : 1~900m3/h
Head : ~200m
Temp. : No higher than 220°C
Pressure: 2.5MPa
Rotating speed : 1450/2900/min
Pressure rating: 1.6 MPa and 2.5MPa (figure of the E-type pump which adopts the center support is 4.0 Mpa)
Power : Maximum 315kW
Materials : Cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel alloys, titanium and titanium alloys

This MZF magnetic drive pump provided by DAMEI is a reliable single-stage single-suction cantilever magnetic drive pump. Of a laconic structure, this magnetic drive centrifugal pump enjoys highly reliable performance, lower general cost and running cost. Its high quality frees it from depot repair forever.

Structural Features of MZF Magnetic Drive Pump
1. This magnetically coupled pump is a reliable single-stage and single-suction pump.
2. The magnetic coupling and sliding bearings could be effectively cooled and lubricated by the circulating media within pump.
3. The internal circulation of media contains the high-pressure circulation and low-pressure circulation. The former is suitable for media easy to be evaporated and the later suitable for those other media.
4. Of a scientific design, this mag drive pump is free from leakage.
5. Heating jacket and cooling jacket could be adopted according to the specific working conditions.

Parts of MZF Magnetic Drive Pump
102 Pump casing 410 V-ring 818 Component for inside magnetic cylinder
161 Pump cover 502 Impeller ring 922.1 Impeller nut
211 Shaft 525 Protective casing 922.2 Spindle nut
213 Drive shaft 529 Sliding bearing sleeve 922.3 Spindle nut
230 Impeller 543 Sleeve 932 Detent ring
321 Rolling bearing 545 Component for sliding bearing 940 Key
332 Bearing bracket 630 Oil filling port
360 Bearing cap 813 Component for outside magnetic cylinder
473 Component for thrust disc 817 Component for distance sleeve

Application of MZF Magnetic Drive Pump
This industrial centrifugal pump is suitable to convey corrosive, noxious, combustible, explosive or valuable media or media that easily get evaporated. It has been widely applied in the chemical, petrochemical, coal chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making and textile industrials, as well as water treatment plants and nuclear power plants.

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