API610 Pump (Petrochemical Pump)

    1. API610 OH1 Pump (Foot Mount Pump)This API610 OH1 pump, designed based on the API610 pump, is a single-stage cantilever pump that is installed according to its center line.
      Size : 1-16 inches
      Materials: Cast steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel alloy, stainless steel 316L, CD4MCu, titanium, titanium alloy and Hastelloy.
    1. API610 OH4 Pump (Rigid Coupled Pump)Size: 1-12 inches
      Flow rate : 2.5 -1500 m3 /h
      Head : 5-200m
      The API610 OH4 Pump is a single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump which, of easy-dismantling design.
    1. API610 OH5 Pump (Close Coupled Pump)Size : 1.5-8 inches
      Flow rate : 3-600 m3 /h
      Head : 4-120m
      This API610 OH5 pump is a vertical close-coupled pumping unit which is designed with a single-sage cantilevered structure.
    1. API610 BB1 Pump (Double Vortex Pump)Size: 3.14-31.4 inch
      Flow rate: ≤ 11600m3/h
      Head: < 240m
      This API610 BB1 pump is a quality pumping unit manufactured strictly according to the API610 standard.
    1. API610 BB3 Pump (Axially Split Multistage Pump)Size : 1-20 inches
      Flow rate: 25 -800 m3 /h
      Head: 200-1050m
      Its large-caliber design could effectively lower the flow rate and reduce operation noise of the pump, enabling the pump to endure greater loads.
    1. API610 BB5 Pump (Double Casing Radial Split Pump)

      Flow rate : 0 – 850m3 /h
      Head : 600 – 2450m
      Materials: Cast iron, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, SS316L, CD4MCU
      Manufactured strictly according to the API610 standard, this multi-stage centrifugal pump, equipped with a guide vane.

    1. API610 VS1 Pump (Vertical Centrifugal Pump)Size : 4-32 inches
      Flow rate : 100-10000m3 /h
      Head : 0-200m
      This vertical single-stage(double-stage) centrifugal mixed-flow pump enjoys excellent quality and highly reliable performance.
    1. API610 VS4 Pump (Abrasive Liquid Pump)Flow rate : 2~ 400 m3 /h
      Head : 5~100m
      Working temperature: -20°C~+ 120°C
      This API610 VS4 pump is a vertical single-stage single suction centrifugal fluid pump which is equipped with closed impellers.
    1. API610 VS6 Pump (Multistage Centrifugal Pump)Nominal Diameter (DN) : 40-200mm
      Flow rate (Q): 0~ 800 m3/h
      Head (H): 0~800m
      The API610 VS6 pump is a multi-stage cantilever pump which, of a radial split structure, is designed with a double-layer housing.

The API610 pump our company provides to you enjoys sound hermetic property, reliable performance, pleasant appearance and easy maintenance. It is quite suitable to convey corrosive or abrasive materials or other chemically active materials. Given this fact, this API610 centrifugal pump has been applied in such a wide range of areas as the chemical, oil, metallurgical, food processing, pharmaceutical and environment protection industries and other light industries, helping promote product quality and protect environment by avoiding leakage of harmful materials. If you are interested in this API610 pump, please contact us for more detailed information.