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API610 BB4 Pump (Radial Split Multistage Pump, RMD Model)

Flow rate: 100~580m3/h
Head : 740m~2150m
Temperature : 0-210 °C

This API610 BB4 pump is a multi-stage centrifugal pump which adopts an one-piece housing. Designed for the water supply system of high-pressure furnace, this pump is designed with vertical upward suction and discharge openings which, together with the middle stage, are connected by through bolt. The clearances between them are sealed by metal surface seal and o-rings. Importantly, the suction stage, middle stage and discharge stage of this API pumping equipment all adopt forging parts.

Structure Features of API610 BB4 Pump

1. Shaft Seal
The shaft seal of this multi-stage centrifugal pump adopts the packing seal. If necessary, we could provide you unit that adopts the mechanical seal.

2. Bearings and Balancing Devices
Rotor of this API610 BB4 pump is supported by the roller bearings at both ends of the pump which adopt the forced lubrication. The pump itself is designed with an oiling system. The axial force of the rotor is balanced by the balance disk and thrust bearing which is meant to solve the residual axial force caused by the change of working conditions. Between the balance chamber and suction pipe there is a return pipe.

3. Transmission
This API centrifugal pump is driven by the motor through the elastic coupling. Of course, we could provide units adopting the tooth coupling or diaphragm coupling, liquid coupling. The prime mover of this pump could be driven by small turbine motor or electric motor. Additionally, the pump rotates clockwise if you look at it from the drive part.

4. Materials
Materials for the suction-stage, discharge-stage, inducers and impellers of this API610 BB4 pump: carbon steel or chrome steel; Materials for the shaft, seal rings and diffusor sleeve: chrome vanadium steel or chrome steel;

All the above materials are in accordance with the related requirements of API610 standard.

Application of API610 BB4 Pump
This API 610 multi-stage centrifugal pump could be used in the oilfield water injection and conveyance of other liquid products or materials.

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