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API610 BB3 Pump (Axially Split Multistage Pump, AMD Model)

Size : 1-20 inches
Flow rate: 25 -800 m3 /h
Head: 200-1050m
Temperature: 0-210 °C
Materials: Cast steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel titanium, stainless steel 316L and CD4MCU

This API610 BB3 pump thoroughly meets the requirements of API610 standard(8th edition). Its large-caliber design could effectively lower the flow rate and reduce operation noise of the pump, enabling the pump to endure greater loads.

Structure of API610 BB3 Pump
1. Casing of this API centrifugal pump adopts an axial structure which allows users to inspect all the parts inside as long as they remove the upper casing. The suction and discharge pipes are mounted at the lower casing. Therefore, users could remove the rotors without dismantling the pipes, saving maintenance time and operating cost.
2. Its impellers are mounted in a symmetric way, ensuring the axial force of rotors to be balanced.
3. As the pump is designed with a double-vertex case, it enjoys a lower radial force.
4. The wider caliber design of this pump could effectively slow its flow rate and reduce operation noise, enabling the pump to endure greater loads.
5. The seal chamber of this API pump thoroughly meets the API682 standard. The standard unit of this model adopts the cartridge seal. Single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal and tandem seal are also applicable for this pump.
6. This industrial centrifugal pump is equipped with replaceable sealing rings which could effectively protect main parts of the pump.
7. The diameter shaft this pump is equipped with enjoys a short support span and small shaft deflection, significantly extending the service life of bearings and seal.
8. The heavy-duty bearing body, of great mechanical strength, could ensure the bearings to operate in a reliable way.
9. This API pump adopts a lengthened elastic coupling.
10. Automatic monitoring devices for temperature, pressure and vibration are available for this pumping equipment.

Advantages of API610 BB3 Pump
1. This API610 pump enjoys a larger parameter scope which provides rich choices for customers. Meanwhile, it is highly credited for its good cavitation resistance, wide efficient range, efficient performance and high energy efficiency.
2. As each pump has gone through strict tests before delivery, this API pump enjoys highly reliable performance.
3. Our advanced manufacturing equipment and experienced staff ensure the good quality of our pumps.
4. Every pump we provide to you enjoys a life-long maintenance service.

Application of API610 BB3 Pumps
This pumping equipment is suitable to convey pure liquid or liquid containing slight grains. It has been widely applied in such areas as the oil processing, water supply, water treatment, irrigation, power plants(thermal power plant included), paper and pulp making, seawater desalination and salt production and other projects where the conveyance of liquid is needed. It could also serve as a turbine to recover heat.

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