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API610 OH5 Pump (Close Coupled Pump, CCD Model)

Size : 1.5-8inches
Flow rate : 3-600 m3 /h
Head : 4-120m
Temperature: -40-250°C
Materials: Cast iron, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, SS316L, CD4MCu, titanium, titanium alloy, Hastelloy

This API610 OH5 pump is a vertical close-coupled pumping unit which is designed with a single-sage cantilevered structure. It is manufactured strictly according to the related requirements of API610 Standard.

Structural Features of API610 OH5 Pump
1. Based on the specification of a general pump, this API610 industrial pump is designed with a unique modular structure which enjoys a high conformity of over 100 BEP.
2. The replaceable spiral wound gaskets allow the pump to operate under various working conditions.
3. This vertical close-coupled pump is equipped with radial blade impellers which could ensure continuous and stable slow flow. As the impellers have gone through dynamic balance treatment, the pump could operate in a more smooth way.
4. The close-coupled design of this API pump thoroughly meets the API610 standard(the latest edition). Additionally, the API683 seal chamber allows users to debug and adjust the configuration of all sealing devices inside, such as the cartridge mechanical seal.
5. Inducers could be a choice for users who have lower requirements for NPSH.
6. Other configuration: VM2(lower flow rate, high head and double stage structure).

Application of API610 OH5 Pump
Thanks to its advanced design and reliable performance, this single-stage cantilever pump has been used in a wide range of areas such as gas processing, gas-to-liquids, distillation, coking, catalytic cracking, hydrotreating, hydrogenation fission, crude oil transportation and handling, water conveyance and treatment, the transportation of SAGD, NGL and LNG and other high-temperature projects.

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