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API610 OH4 Pump(Rigid Coupled Pump, RCD Model)

Size: 1-12inches
Flow rate : 2.5 -1500 m3 /h
Head : 5-200m
Temperature: -40-210 °C
Material: Cast steel, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, SS316L, CD4MCu, titanium, titanium alloy, Hastelloy

The API610 OH4 Pump is a single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump which, of easy-dismantling design, enjoys a radial split structure. Both the design and quality of this centrifugal pump satisfy the API Standards-- Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum, Heavy Duty Chemical and Gas Industry Services( 8th Edition Aug. 1995) and the GB3215-82 standard.

The clearance between the pump casing and pump cover is sealed by a reliable sealing gasket. Pumps of a caliber wider than 80mm are designed with double-casing structure to reduce the radial force caused by hydraulic power and mitigate vibration of the pump. Additionally, there is a pipe joint in the casing which is designed to discharge raffinate. The suction and discharge flanges of this single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump are all equipped with joints for measurement devices and sealing and flushing devices. As its suction and discharge are at the same pipe, the installation of this pump requires less elbow pipes. Moreover, thanks to its laconic structure, this API pump occupies smaller space and is quite easy to mount.

The standard pump of this model enjoys a single-stage single suction design. If necessary, we could provide custom unit designed with a single-stage double-suction structure or double-stage single-suction structure. The pump and its motor are connected by a lengthened solid coupling which allows users to dismantle the coupling and mechanical seal without removing the motor, motor framework, pump casing, nor the suction and discharge pipelines. Therefore, this pump is quite easy to inspect and maintain.

Structural Features of API610 OH4 Pump

1. Pump Casing
The pump casing of this radial split centrifugal pump is equipped with a ring-shaped suction and a spiral pressurized water chamber. There is no steady-flow separator in the suction chamber. When discharge bore is wider than100mm, the pump will be equipped with a double-vortex chamber to balance the radial force.

2. Pump Cover
There is no seal chamber in the pump cover of this pump. We could add water cooling chamber to it if you need. The clearance between the cover and pump casing could be further sealed by spiral wound gasket or O-rings.

3. Impellers
The impeller and coupling of this centrifugal pump, fixed by the impeller nuts, adopt the key transmission. As the coupling is rotating, the impeller nut will get more fastened. The single-stage single-suction pump uses the balancing holes and the rear impeller wear rings to decrease the back pressure on impellers and balance the radial force. As for the double-stage double suction unit adopts a symmetric structure to balance the radial force.

4. Motor
This API OH4 pump is equipped with the special motor for the YBGB pipeline pump, which ensures the reliable and safe performance of this centrifugal pump.

5. Motor Support Mode
The motor of this API610 pump is mounted on the pump casing(the position of the motor is determined by the pump cover)and equipped with two screw holes. Meanwhile, at both sides of it, there are two windows which are meant to enable users to dismantle coupling, mechanical seal or adjust the rotors without moving the pump and the motor.

6. Shaft Seal
The seal chamber of this single-stage single-suction pump satisfies the API682 standard. The standard unit adopts the cartridge seal while single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal and tandem seal are also applicable to this centrifugal pump.

7. Coupling
This industrial centrifugal pump is equipped with a long rigid flange coupling whose mounting position is determined by the seam allowance. The torque of this coupling is transmitted by the hinge blot. The coupling plate could be used to adjust rotors’ positions. Coupling of the motor, whose location is determined by the half-split snap ring, is equipped with a shaft extender that use the sliding fit, quite easy to dismantle.

8. Guide Bearing
This guide bearing is an auxiliary device to mitigate the pump’ vibration. Based on the design of hydrodynamic sliding bearing, this guide bearing is manufactured with anti-abrasion and lubricating materials.

Model Description
100-diameter of the suction(mm);
RCD-series code;
50-rated Head(m);
A-cutting code of impeller.

Application of API610 OH4 Pump
This specialty pump has been applied in a wide range of areas such as the electrical power, petrochemical, chemical, paper and pulp making, pharmaceutical industries as well as other projects where conveyance of water, oil, oil products(without grains) is needed.

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