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API610 OH3 Pump (Vertical Centrifugal Pump, GDS Model)

Flow rate: 3 -600 m3 /h
Head : 4-120m
Working pressure: 0-2.5Mpa
Working temperature: -20 ℃ -250 ℃
Materials : Cast steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel alloy, stainless steel 316L, CD4MCu, titanium, titanium alloy and Hastelloy.

This API610 OH3 Pump is a single-stage single suction centrifugal pump that is designed with a radial split structure. Especially, the design of this highly reliable pumping equipment satisfies the API Standards-- Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum, Heavy Duty Chemical and Gas Industry Services( 8th Edition Aug. 1995) and the GB3215-82 standard.

Structure of API610 OH3 Pump

1. Pump Casing
The casing of this API610 pump adopts a radial split structure. The clearance between the pump casing and pump cover is sealed by a reliable sealing gasket. Pumps of a caliber wider than 80mm are designed with double-casing structure to reduce the radial force caused by hydraulic power and mitigate vibration of the pump. Additionally, there is a pipe join in the casing which is designed to discharge raffinate.

The suction and discharge flanges of this pump are all equipped with joints for measurement devices and sealing and flushing devices. To be more specific, the suction and discharge flanges are of the same rated working pressure and nominal diameter. All the flanges our pumps are equipped with are supplied by reliable international suppliers. Of course, we can adopt flanges whose dimensions, rated working pressures and connecting types are in accordance with your requirements. Meanwhile, flanges meeting the Guobiao standard, DIN standard or ANSI standard are also available for customers.

2. Bearings of API610 OH3 Pump
This single-stage single-suction pump adopts roller bearings to bear pump’s load, weight of rotors and the transient load caused by the start of the pump. All the bearings, mounted in the bearing bracket of an integral structure, are lubricated by grease. The GD pump bears the entire weight of its motor which has to bear the axial force and the transient axial force caused by the start of the pump.

3. Impellers of AP610 OH3 Pump
This API610 pumping unit is equipped with single-stage single suction closed impellers which are mounted on the shaft with a key and impeller nuts attached with wire thread inserts. Especially, the wire thread inserts enjoy a self-locking function which could effectively protect the impellers. All the impellers have gone through equalization treatment. A dynamic balance treatment is needed when the ratio between their maximum outside diameter and breadth is lower than 6.

Importantly, the scientific hydraulic design promotes the cavitation performance to the largest extent. As for the axial force, it could be balanced with the help of the front and back wearing rings and balancing holes of the pump’s impellers. If necessary, you can replace the old impeller rings to ensure high efficiency of the pump. The impellers rotate clockwise if you look the pump from its motor. Of a much lower NPSH, this pump requires shorter smaller mounting height and reduced installation cost.

Advantages of API OH3 Pump
The cover of this API pumping equipment enjoys sound heat insulation performance. Therefore, the pump could be used to convey materials that have special requirements for temperature. Additionally, the cover is designed with a venting plug which could discharge gases and air within the pump and pipelines before the pump gets started. The annular seal space is large enough to contain the packing seal or various mechanical seals. The stuffing box is equipped with sealing and flushing systems. The circulating system of the sealing pipeline satisfies the API82 standard.

The API610 pump’s motor and pump body, which are highly coaxial, require lower axial mounting height and enjoy high stability. As for the GDS pump, there is a bearing bracket between its motor and pump body. It is perfectly suitable for high-temperature or important working conditions. Compared with horizontal API pumps, the vertical pipeline pump enjoys smaller installation space and simpler pipeline connection, helping users save cost.

Application of API OH3 Pump
Thanks to its reliable performance, this centrifugal API pump has been applied in a wide range of areas such as the refinery plants, oil processing plants, water treatment, sea water desalination, coal processing projects and other low-temperature projects.

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