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API610 OH2 Pump (Centerline Mounted Pump, CMD Model)

This API OH2 pump, designed based on the API610 pump, is a single-stage cantilever pump that is installed according to its center line.

Size: 1-16 inches
Flow rate: 0 -2600 m3 /h
Head : 0-300m
Temperature: -80-450 °C
Materials: Cast steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel alloy, stainless steel 316L, CD4MCu, titanium, titanium alloy and Hastelloy.

This API610 OH2 Pump is a single stage volute pump that is designed with a horizontal radial split structure. Its pump body enjoys an intermediate support structure and is equipped with single suction radial impellers which are designed with axial suction ports and radial discharge ports. According to the specific working conditions, the water force could be balanced with the help of front and back impeller rings and the balancing holes.

The shaft seal could adopt the packing seal or single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal. The stuffing box is equipped with a cooling/heating pipe joint. As it is equipped with cooling, flushing systems or sealing liquid system, this API pump could be used to convey mineral acids of different temperatures and densities such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, alkaline solutions of different temperatures and densities like sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate, liquid oil products and organic compounds as well as other corrosive materials and products.

Structure of the API OH2 Pump
The suction and discharge flanges of this single-stage volute pump share the same rated working pressure. The standard pipeline, which could be designed according the API plan, effectively cools the pump in the middle part. Moreover, the pump rotates clockwise if you look at it from the motor.

Advantages of API OH2 Pump
1. This API OH2 pump, manufactured with the standard processes, enjoys a scientific structure, easy to dismantle and maintain. Specifically, users could dismantle the pump without removing its pipes and motor.
2. 53 subtypes of this model are available for customers, all of which adopt only 8 models of bearings and could share the same hydraulic parts(impellers) and bearings with the OHI pumps -the light and medium duty pumps and the ZF and Zupumps-the heavy duty pumps.
3. This single stage volute pumping unit enjoys a much smaller radial force and deflection. Especially, the deflection of its bearing is smaller than 0.05mm. The flow rates at the inlet and outlet are quite low and the noise is lower compared with other pumps. Its impellers and pump body are thickened to increase their corrosion allowance.
4. Its shrouded impellers could operate smoothly and efficiently under any working conditions and enjoy lower cavitation erosion.
5. The open impeller is suitable to transport gas, liquid and solid-liquid media.
6. This industrial pump enjoys extremely low cavitation erosion. Therefore, it requires devices of small cavitation erosion allowance.
7. The worn impeller rings and shaft sleeves could be replaced while the pump body, impellers and shaft remain to work well.
8. Its shaft and shaft bracket enjoy sound co-axial, high stability and strength and smaller deflection. The bearings don’t generate heat and need no cooling devices. Additionally, there is fewer Nk>N parts equipped in this pumping apparatus. Given this fact, users could spend less effort in the inspection and maintenance of the bearings.
9. The packing seal and various mechanical seals, which are interchangeable with each other, are applicable to this pump.

Economic Benefits of API OH2 Pump
1. This API pumping unit enjoys highly reliable performance, sound interchangeability, shorter breakdown time and fewer maintenance efforts.
2. This pump requires fewer spare parts and is easy to maintain, requiring less fees to take care of.
3. The shaft sleeve and anti-abrasion bearings enjoy long service life and are easy to inspect and maintain. Moreover, this pump enjoys high energy efficiency and operation efficiency. Its pipe supporting system and noise reducing system cost much lower fees.
4. Of classic designs, all pumps of this model enjoy reliable and stable performance and are easy to inspect and maintain.
5. The packing seal and mechanical seal of this pump enjoy long service life and are easy to inspect and maintain, requiring much fewer fees to take care of.
6. Since it is highly interchangeable with pumps of other models, this pump could be remodeled easily and users don’t have to purchase a new stuffing box.

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