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API610 VS5 Pump (Vertical Cantilever Sump Pump, TCD Model)

Size : 1.5-8 inches
Flow rate: 5 -400 m3 /h
Head: 2.5-110m
Temp.: -20-200 °C
Materials: Cast steel, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, SS316L, CD4MCU, titanium and Hastelloy

This API610 VS5 pump is a single-stage cantilever submerged pump which, of a vertical structure, adopts a cylinder tube to connect its hydraulic parts and base. As its drain pipe, equipped with no shaft seal, is separate from the cylinder pipe and submerged part of the pump has no shaft seal, this single stage centrifugal pump could be used under liquid and transport media containing grains.

To promote transportation of grains of different size and properties, we now provide submerged pipes of this model which could be equipped with two sorts of impellers—the closed impeller (TNC) and open impellers(TCF). The open type is suitable for transportation of grains of larger size and high density. Depth of immersion of this cantilever pump is determined by its motor. The bearing frames available for this pump could be as large as 700 to 800mm. If necessary, we could provide you an API610 VS5 pump equipped with suction pipe.

Application of API610 VS5 Pump
This single-stage pump could be used to transport organic and inorganic acids, alkaline solutions, saline solutions and slurries in compound fertilizer production. It has been widely used in the petrochemical, chemical, mining, paper and pulp making and food processing industries as well as the rolling mill, steel works and waterworks and so forth.

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