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API610 VS4 Pump (Abrasive Liquid Pump, LYD Model)

Flow rate : 2~ 400 m3 /h
Head : 5~100m
Working temperature: -20°C~+ 120°C

This API610 VS4 pump is a vertical single-stage single suction centrifugal fluid pump which is equipped with closed impellers. The design and manufacturing processes of this pump meet the GB5656-1994 standard. The pump shaft is supported by roller bearing which moves within the pump casing and roller bearing body. The upper bearing is a reliable antifriction bearing which is lubricated by lithium base grease. The pump and its motor are connected by metal diaphragm coupling.

Structural Features of API610 VS4 Pump
1. The spindle structure of this single stage single suction centrifugal pump makes the operation more safe and reliable.
2. Its rotor components could be adjusted axially.
3. As its rotor components adopt a multiple-point support device, the pump could operate in a more reliable way.
4. The roller bearings of this API610 VS4 pump could adopt external lubrication or self-lubrication.
5. Since its impellers have been immersed in the media when it gets started, this pump requires no extra efforts of users to exhaust the air inside the pump before the start.
6. This centrifugal pump is designed with a double-vertex casing (caliber>80mm). The radial force on its rotor components is smaller and so is the deflection of the rotors. Meanwhile, the roller bearings this API vertical pump adopts are highly resistant to abrasion and enjoy longer service life.
7. This vertical centrifugal pump rotates clockwise if you look at it from the motor.

Application of API610 VS4 Pump
This fluid pump is mainly designed to convey sewage water in power plant, chemical plant, paper mill, water treatment plant, oil refinery plant, steel plant and so on.

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