Slurry Pump

    1. OHD Slurry Pump (Oil Lubrication High Head Pump)Size: 2.5-12 inches
      Flow rate: 50 -1800 m3/h
      Head: 25-90m
      Materials: Cr27,Cr28
      OHD slurry pump we manufactured enjoys a horizontal single-stage single-suction structure, suitable for the electric power industrial and working conditions.
    1. MSD Slurry Pump (Multi Stage Pump)This slurry handling equipment is quite suitable to transport abrasive or corrosive liquid that contains fine solid particles such as ash, ore, coal and gravel.
      Our company has developed this MSD multi-stage slurry pump, a horizontal single-case multi-stage centrifugal pump.
    1. SSD Slurry Pump (Submersible Centrifugal Pump)Diameter of outlet: 50~300mm
      Flow rate: 40~1000m3/h
      Head of a single stage: 15-60m
      We have provided this SSD submersible slurry pump , vertical single-stage slurry pump that is featured with motor and pump which are co-axial, advanced structure.
    1. VFD Slurry Pump (Vertical Froth Pump)

      Size: 2-8 inches
      Flow rate: 7-570m3/h
      Head : 5-25m
      Materials: Cr27,Cr28 ,CD-4MCu and rubber
      It has been widely used to convey corrosive or abrasive slurries that contain froth in the metallurgical, mining, coal chemical.

    1. Spare Parts for Slurry PumpsWe supply OEM spare parts for slurry pumps, including impeller, expeller, throatbush, shaft sleeve, volute liner, and so on. These parts will totally match with old slurry pumps.

Devoted to the R&D and manufacture of professional pumps, DAMEI has been providing rich types of slurry pumps to our customers. As we know, the slurry pump is a type of centrifugal pump, lobe pump or peristaltic hose pump in physics principle that increases the pressure of liquid and solid particle mixture, through centrifugal force and converts electrical energy into slurry potential and kinetic energy. This indispensable industrial pumping equipment is widely used to transport corrosive/abrasive and high concentration slurry in many industries such as gold, silver, iron ore, tin, steel, coal, titanium, copper, mineral sands, lead and zinc.

This slurry pump is mostly applied in the concertration of minerals. Since the condition for precondition of ores is quite harsh, slurry pump used in this process couldn’t serve for a long time. The coal washing industrial has much higher requirements for this pumping equipment for it is easily blocked by coals of large pieces or the coal gangues. In the sand dredging area, this pumping equipment has been gradually recognized by customers who are inclined to call it sand pump or excavating pump.

Despite the misleading suggestion of its name, this slurry pump enjoys a wide range of applications and could be used as sludge pump, trash pump, and dredging pump and so forth. Importantly, proper type of slurry pump should be adopted according to the specific applications it is devoted to and placed in a reasonable location to ensure its smooth operations. Now there are rich types of this pumping unit for slurry available for you from which you could choose the very equipment you need.