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MSD Slurry Pump (Multi Stage Pump)

This slurry handling equipment is quite suitable to transport abrasive or corrosive liquid that contains fine solid particles such as ash, ore, coal and gravel. Specifically, the radius of the solid particle should not exceed 3mm and the liquid’s temperature should be no higher than 100°C, and volume percent no higher than 5~10%. Given the above fact, this pumping equipment has been widely used in such industries as power generation, metallurgical industry, chemical industry and building materials industry and so on.

Features of Multi-Stage Slurry Pump
In order to meet the market’s needs for slurry pump, our company has developed this MSD multi-stage slurry pump, a horizontal single-case multi-stage centrifugal pump that enjoys a higher head, greater operation power and longer service lifespan, quite suitable to be used to pump coal water slurry in the coal chemical industry and ash-sluicing water in the power plants.

Its high voltage stage and low voltage stage are designed with a symmetric structure and the interval part is strengthened by stave bolts. Specifically, the high voltage stage adopts the packing seal and the low voltage could adopt the mechanical seal or packing seal. The inlet of this multi-stage centrifugal pump could be adjusted to three directions, namely the left(horizontal), right (horizontal) and straight up. The outlet could be adjusted to right(horizontal)or just straight up. The roller bearings of this multi-stage industrial pump could effectively bear the radial force and part bearing force. Importantly, this pumping equipment is driven by motor with the help of coupling rotate in the clockwise way if you look at it from the motor.

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