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DGD Slurry Pump (Dredge Pump for Sand and Gravel)

Technical Specifications
Size: 4-16inches
Flow rate: 36-5040 m3/h
Head: 5-80m
Materials: Cr27,Cr28
Sealing methods: Packing seal, vice-impeller seal and mechanical seal

The DGD slurry pump, also named thegravel pump, is a horizontal centrifugal slurry pump which has a single casing. Of a large 360° rotating discharge opening, this industrial slurry pump adopts a unique clamped-style pump body and cover, quite easy to install and operate.

Features of DGD Slurry Pump
This slurry pump enjoys the following features:
1) All the bearings of this slurry pump adopt the cylinder structure which makes it easier to adjust the interval between impeller and the pump body and remove the parts during maintenance or inspection. Additionally, those bearings could be lubricated with grease;
2) The available sealing methods for the shaft seal of this sand pump are packing seal, vice-impeller seal and mechanical seal;
3) Designed with a wide flow passage, this slurry handling unit enjoys sound cavitation performance, high efficiency and strong resistance to abrasion;
4) Such transmission types as V-belt drive, flexible coupling transmission, gear reducer transmission, hydraulic coupling transmission, variable frequency drive are available for this slurry pump;
5) All parts of its flow passage are made of high-hardness cast alloy iron which is highly resistant to abrasion;
6) Designed with multiple optional operation speeds and transformation models, this industrial pumping equipment could work well in various conditions, especially the harsh conditions, and enjoy a long service lifespan, helping you gain more benefits.

Application of DGD Slurry Pump
This slurry pump could be used to transfer abrasive or corrosive grains of bigger size that are not suitable for ordinary slurry pump. Given this, it has been widely used in mining, dredging, metallurgical industrials and sand conveyance and so on.

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