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VSD Slurry Pump (Vertical Sump Pump)

Technical Specifications
Size: 1.5-12 inches
Flow rate: 17 -1267 m3/h
Head: 4-40m
Materials: Cr27,Cr28, rubber lining

Features of VSD Slurry Pump
The VSD slurry pump made by our company is a reliable centrifugal slurry pump which, of a vertical structure, could work well in the water without shaft seal nor seal water. All the flow passage components of this slurry pump are made of anti-abrasion metal. Parts submerged in liquid during the operation of the pump are all padded with rubber out linings. Given this fact, this pumping equipment is quite suitable for working conditions where water or liquid is quite deep.

Moreover, this slurry pump, designed based on the standard type, is equipped with a guide bearing. Therefore, it could operate in a more stable and smooth fashion and be applied in a wider range of areas. Importantly, the guide bearing needs to be attached with flushing device. Thanks to this careful design, this industrial centrifugal pump could be used to convey corrosive slurries and gains of no sharp corners and work well even as the suction volume is not enough.

Application of VSD Slurry Pump
This slurry handling unit could be used in the transportation of thick liquid, heavy oil, oil residue, dreggy liquid, slurry, mortar, quicksand and other corrosive liquid or fluid with mud or sand. It has been already used in the mining, metallurgical, chemical, coal coking, waste treatment, paper and pulp making, cement manufacturing, food processing and building materials industries and etc.

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