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WAD Slurry Pump (For Low Abrasive Slurry)

Technical Specifications
Size: 1-30 inches
Flow rate: 25 -13860 m3/h
Head: 5-60m
Materials: Cr27, Cr28 and materials for rubber liner
Sealing method: Packing seal, vice-impeller seal and mechanical seal

Features of WAD Slurry Pump
As a reliable supplier of slurry pump, DAMEI has provided to you rich types of pump among this WAD slurry pump, a quality cantilever pump, a centrifugal pump with a horizontal structure, could be used to transport low-abrasion and low concentration slurries in the metallurgical, mining industry and building materials industries.

This slurry pumping equipment offers a number of advantages specifically for use in watery or other liquid-filled environments. Of a more laconic structure, this pump requires a much smaller space. Its shaft seal adopts both the packing seal and centrifugal seal. In most conditions, the centrifugal seal could work well and there is no necessity for seal water. If the packing seal is adopted, the device should be attached with lo-low or full-flow seal flushing device.

Meanwhile, the pump casing of this slurry handling equipment is padded with replaceable metal liners which are highly resistant to abrasion. The impeller is made of anti-abrasion metals or quality rubber. That is why it enjoys a much longer service lifespan.

Application of WAD Pump
This industrial cantilever pump could be used in the sump pump applications and other industrial applications where liquids or slurries are passed and processed. They can be found in mining(coal, iron, cooper, gold and Huebnerite mining and etc.), chemical processing plants, fertilizer plants, waste treatment facilities, food processing, paper and pulp making, steel and other metal processing, mining, and in power generation plants and so on so forth.

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