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HAD Slurry Pump (For Heavy Duty Abrasive Slurry)

Technical Specifications
Size: 1-32 inch
Flow rate: 25 -13860 m3 /h
Head: 5-100m
Materials: Cr27, Cr28 and materials for rubber liner,CD4MCU, 2205
Sealing method: Packing seal, vice-impeller seal and mechanical seal

Based on the latest technologies in pump design and manufacture, we provide the HAD slurry pump to you which is a specially deigned pumping equipment used to handle abrasive, corrosive or high-density slurries in the metallurgical, mining and coal washing industries as well as power plants and so forth. This horizontal single stage slurry pump, made of high chrome alloy or rubber materials and equipped with a double-layer casing, enjoys a longer service lifespan. Its frame plates are made of hard metal or pressure moulded elastomer liners. So are its impellers. As for the shaft seals of this slurry pump, there are such three main sealing methods available for customers now, namely:

Gland Seal (Rod Seal)
As a routine sealing method, the gland seal or rod seal is applicable to various conditions, especially the corrosive or high-temperature conditions. Given this fact, this gland seal could be also adopted in a strong abrasive condition as long as it is equipped with ceramic shaft sleeve which has been treated by spray welding.

Expeller seal
The impeller and expeller are installed in this industrial pump to produce pressure seal, packing seal or lip-seal ring which will serve as shutdown seal.

Mechanical Seal
The mechanical seal of this slurry pump is highly credited for its advantages of no leakage, integrated structure and convenient installation& replacement. High-hardness ceramic and alloy are adopted in the manufacture of friction parts of this mechanical seal. That is why it enjoys good abrasive resistance and shakeproof-ness. Moreover, of excellent sealing performance, it could be used in all kinds of conditions, satisfying customer’s high requirements for sealing effect.

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